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 10th January 2023

We have now joined Equine-Bio Genie as partners, you can read more about the product here and we are pleased to be able to give you 10% discount with the link directly to the website. 

This is an environmentally friendly product and is safe for equines, yet kills bacteria and viruses. 


8th September 2022

It is with the greatest of sadness we write this, everyone associated with HayNet is deeply saddened by the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll. We all know of her love for horses and those charities she was a patron of associated with our passion. What an amazing life she lived and an ever present in our lives for many of us since the day we were born.

We give our heartfelt thanks to the Queen for her service to our country and now say God Save The King.


12th May 2022

What Does the Future Look Like for Managing Horse Passports and Information? Every horse transporter knows the requirements, do the general horse owner population?

There are just two weeks left to help shape the future of horse passport and identification laws as Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) are asking horse owners and organisations how they feel about changes being made.

The British Horse Council has made it easy for the UK’s 750,000+ horse owners to respond to their own short survey, now live at British Horse Council and takes just 5-10 minutes and closes 20 May

If you have views on the future for paper passports, how they are updated, whether going digital is an option, what happens if disease takes hold, you are worried about breeding and pedigree information or troubled by enforcement.


6th January 2022

Do you have a favourite horse transporter?  Nominations are already going in for The Equestrian Awards, if you can spare a few moments to vote for them it is one of the best "thank you's" you can give! Head to Equestrian Business Awards and get your vote in now!

vote for your transporter

25th May 2021

Mike of ‘Mustang Equine Transport’ arrived at 8.30am Monday morning, Sigmund,  Jane from Ginger Cat Willow's  unicorn was coaxed into the horse-box and delivered safely to  Churchfields Peace Gardens in Barnsley, where he is now proudly on display for all to see.

As you can see from the photos he is a somewhat handsome beast and managed to fit on Mustang's box with about a millimetre to spare. It is not often HayNet® helps find transport for such a magical beast. Who knows what we will find in the future!

sigmund the unicorn

mustang lorry

13th April 2021

Great news! Our "Overnight Stabling" feature is now active!

13th March 2021

Overnight Stabling

  • Are you able to offer overnight stabling for horses?
  • Are you looking for overnight stabling for horses?

To link in with our quote request service for horse transport HayNet® is preparing to launch stabling quotes.  Many transporters have to stable horses en route and private owners transporting their own horses may need to stop over, or have stabling near to a competition venue. 

The new Brexit ruling will mean a higher demand for this service when transporting horses abroad.

We will be adding this service to HayNet® soon!

Horse in stable

7th February 2021

Transport update post Brexit courtesy of Nagcabs International Limited.

There is a lot of misunderstanding out there that because we left the EU with a deal nothing has changed.

Everything has changed and there are a few things to bear in mind when considering buying a horse from outside the UK

Any commercial horse transporters, drivers and lorries need to have both UK and European type 2 transporter authorisations to transport horses between the UK and Europe inc Republic of Ireland.

All horses now have 20% VAT based on the value of the horse payable to HMRC on arrival in the UK.

All horses need to have a health paper for travel. A customs export declaration needs to be completed prior to export and an import declaration prior to import.

All of these processes involve an increase in time and the systems in place to make things happen. The costs have increased due to the increased complexities of transporting horses between Europe and UK.

It is important that everyone is aware that things have changed and the costs associated with buying horses from Europe have increased.

nagcab pictures of transport lorries

2nd February 2021

HayNet® Buy and Sell has new listings being added most days, but still is looking for more users! Remember every advertisement is completely free, all we ask is that you advertise, horses, horse lorries or horse related items. It is a great way to turn unwanted items into cash and nothing to loose except a small amount of time. Not only that when we reach 100 listings there will be a prize draw and a £50 Maxima Equestrian Voucher is our fantastic prize! 

picture of horse with money beneath

7th November 2020

We are super excited to announce the launch of our new website HayNet® Buy and Sell! Here you will find a straightforward and easy to use website dedicated to selling and buying horses and horse related items. No flashing adverts and distracting sales techniques to distract you from what you wish to see. To get it started every advertisement is completely free to list. Not only that the first 100 listings will be entered in to a super prize draw to win a £50 voucher from Maxima Equestrian. Click on the link on our home page to find our new sister site!

2nd October 2020

As we are sure you are aware there are changes in January 2021 due to the U.K. leaving the EU. You will need to plan well ahead if you wish to import or export a horse after that date. For the latest advice follow this link Government advice for export and import after January 2021.

25th September 2020

Exciting news soon to be released. Currently HayNet® are building a new "Buy and Sell" website for equestrians, you will have a new place to advertise your horses, horseboxes and anything equestrian related. Keep an eye out! Coming soon.

13th May 2020


Travelling both with and without your horse, is now allowed for exercising, training or facility hire. However, travel should not take place across borders into Scotland or Wales, due to their differing travel restrictions. The government do not specify any limits on distance travelled at this time. 


27th March 2020

This has been sent out today from The Animal and Plant Health Agency, this applies to professional transporters and also to those who transport their own horses.

In line with the Government advice, APHA strongly advises against the transport of all equines unless they are being transported for emergency veterinary treatment or where the welfare of the animal would be compromised without transport.  
All non-essential trips to vets should be avoided. If your horse needs urgent treatment, you may take them, but must remember to wash your hands and remain 2 metres away from anyone outside your household. You must call the vet before going to see them.
We strongly advise against the import and export of all equines. Where this is deemed necessary, any restrictions in UK and the EU must be observed.
Where journeys both domestically and internationally are deemed necessary, transporters must plan all journeys carefully, ensuring that the proposed journey is realistic and complies with all relevant legislation and that they have robust contingency plans in place.
Further advice for pet owners and livestock keepers on maintaining the welfare of their animals during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been published here: Government guidance

 23rd March 2020

As you will all be aware the transporting of horses will now be for journey's where it is in the horse's best interest only. We hope the situation is as short lived as possible and wish you all well. Stay safe everyone .

17th March 2020

Sad to say that horse transport is now being disrupted by Covid-19, writing this we are sure you are only too aware. The European borders have now closed to all but essential travel. If you ask for a quote for transport the transporters will inform you of the current situation if they are able to help.

National transport is still ongoing at present, although the government have requested essential travel only. Transporters will have biosecurity measures in place and please abide by these. Although I am sure everyone will be doing their best to comply. Things are changing rapidly and we hope that this is as short lived as possible. Stay safe everyone and take care.

2nd February 2020

Tim Puddifoot is our latest prize draw winner and the travel set will be on it's way shortly!

11th December 2019

Our Winter Prize Draw is now active. All you need to do is ask for a quote before 31st January 2020 to be in with a chance of winning!

2nd November 2019

Lorna Carruthers is our prize draw winner, her Maxima Equestrian Multi-Stripe fleece will be on it's way very soon!

22nd September 2019

Autumn prize draw is now active! All you need to do is ask for a quote to be in with a chance of winning on 31st October!

1st May 2019

Lesley Hilton is our latest prize winner and a Maxima Equestrian Combo Fly Rug will be on it's way to Fran her lucky horse soon!

13th March 2019

We are celebrating our new name "HayNet The Horse Transport Network" check out our latest prize draw to win a superb combo fly rug from Maxima!


10th January 2019

Take a quick look at our Transporter diary, Essex Transport have a super cute new employee!

10th October 2018

Check out our new look website,  upgraded colours and mobile friendly. Easier to use, plus new transporters joining each month, take a look at our transporter list and don't forget that you can reach them all when you ask for a quote on our Get quotes page!


26th August 2018

Check out our Transporter Diary, new venture from one of our trusted transporters.

10th July 2018

Our monthly prize draw will be returning in the winter, with an extra special prize for December, watch this space!

9th June 2018

Congratulations to Rosie Chinery for winning this months prize draw . A V-bandz combi-brite mesh sheet will be making it's way to you very soon, helping keep you and your horse safer on the roads this summer!

2nd May 2018

Congratulations to Louise Daly who is this month's prize draw winner and wins a Horse Transport Network saddle cloth, which will be making it's way to you soon! 

13th April 2018

Congratulations to March prize prize draw winner Lynsey Brotherton who has a Horse Transport Network Kelly Green polo top making it's way to you!


31st March 2018

Warning to those transporting horses.

This applies to those of you who transport professionally or privately. Two very recent reports have been sent to us, one from one of our transporters. When travelling on the motorway, one lady was called on her mobile (lorry had number posted on the side) the other was approached in slow traffic at the side window. Both were told the back door of the lorry was open. Luckily both checked with other drivers and on board camera and realised this was a scam to get them to pull over.

Please be aware and do not assume you are being told the truth, be very careful, no doubt the stories will change, and they will come up with other excuses to get you to pull over. Stay safe everyone it is sad that we have to be aware of such scams.


1st March 2018

Congratulations to Suzanne Carr who is our February prize draw winner and a navy and blue Horse Transport Network hoody will soon be on it's way to you!


1st February 2018

Congratulations to Denise Burkinshaw who is our January prize draw Winner!


11th January 2018

Hi-Viz rug 

Rachel Dye is thrilled to win the Prize Draw for December, here is "Tubs" because he is a bit tubby, also known as "Eye Eye Captain" modelling his new prize. Tubs is a super bold jumper and Rachel has owned him since last spring, unfortunately he is now in recovery from a suspensory ligament injury and is having to do lots of walk work on the lanes, so Rachel is so pleased with the prize from V-Bandz to help keep Tubs seen and safe.

Rachel and her husband both ride and won the prize from using A.S. Equestrian to fetch their new addition Jackson from Wales. Rachel was thrilled with the service and the quotes that came through the website.



Jackson looking relaxed in his new home.

horse head over stable door




8th January 2018

For those of you eagle eyed among you, I expect you have noticed Horse Transport Network's new logo. Kindly designed by Ian Scaife and edited into a suitable format by Jeanius! Something new and fresh for 2018, look out for next months prize draw to celebrate! 


1st January 2018

Congratulations to Rachel Dye, who is our very first monthly Prize Draw winner!


6th December 2017

Available Training for Advanced Certificate in Equine Transport

Loc Limited International Transport (one of our listed transporters) offer training for the ACET certificate.  Since January 2007 a new EU regulation came into force for the safety and welfare of horses being transported. If you transport horses in connection with an economic activity whether it be for competition, racing or breeding you should have your ACET certificate.

The regulations are to make animal transporter aware that whilst under their care no harm or injury comes to the animals whilst being transported, to make sure the animals are fit to travel and food and water is available during transportation. it also ensures that those transporting animals are correctly trained , are competent and that the vehicle they use is maintained to a high standard.


horse lorry on road


If you transport horses over approximately 40 miles , or are driving for up to 8 hours the transporter must hold a ACET certificate.

The certificate is split into three units.

Unit 1 Transportation of horses during long journeys, the candidate needs to show knowledge and understanding of the animal welfare legislation, for more information go to . They need to know about horse health, food, rest and water, about loading and unloading, how to plan a journey exceeding 8 hours, health and safety regulations and ability to identify and minimise risks. Also about the vehicle horses are to travel in about the compartments, the use of fittings and partitions, vehicle preparation and cleanliness.

Unit 2 is about handling the horses for transportation the unit comprises of the demonstration of practical performance in loading, securing and unloading horses.

horse loading onto lorry



Unit 3 is driving the vehicle, the candidate needs to demonstrate the practical performance in driving the vehicle transporting horses.

If you would like to gain your ACET certificate please contact Loc


Pegasus Magazine Article

3rd December 2017


magazine article on horse transport


Pegasus Magazine have published our latest press release, thank you Pegasus for helping to support the legal horse transporters.


December's prize draw is now on

2nd December 2017

V-Bandz have kindly sponsored the December draw for Horse Transport Network. To claim your prize please reply to the confirmation email you receive when you ask for a quote and name the horse transporter you have booked.

The lucky winner will receive a Combi-Brite Mesh Quarter Sheet!

quarter sheet for horse 

This lightweight sheet is a real statement piece when it comes to safety on the roads. Apart from something on the riders body a rug is the most important item of safety that can be used on the roads. The size of the horse's quarters means that this big expanse of colour really stands out to the road users coming up to you from behind.

The mesh sheet can be used all year round even in the height of summer. It will not make the horse sweat up. It attaches to the saddle and the girth which means it cannot slip backwards or twist in use. The filet string and elastic under the tail flap means it cannot blow around even in a strong wind.

Combining the high viz colour has proved very popular with riders as it gives you the maximum opportunity to stand out against different backgrounds at all times of year.

For more amazing horse and dog hi-viz products visit .

To enter this months draw simply ask for a quote at "Get Me Quotes" and when you have booked your transporter reply to your confirmation email with the name of the transporter you have booked.


"...a great site I've used often - especially for my brood mares to go off to studs and long journeys - every person I've used has been professional, reliable and done a great job - it's saved a lot of time and money!"


"...used this site for a journey from Berkshire to Lancashire and was quoted a great price from a transporter who needed to fill an empty box on a return journey. Highly recommend!"


 I've been so impressed with HayNet. Transporters on your website are so geared up to enquiries and when I have used HayNet I have had lots of responses very quickly and appropriately, giving me the chance to research the company as well as comparing prices before making a decision. The one I chose offered an individual run which suited myself and the vendor as we were both shielding due to COVID. 




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