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 October 9th  2018


Top picture yesterday.

Middle picture just before he went for breaking  in.

Bottom picture when he started lunging.







September 2018

Stacey has been very busy with her young horse Ace and family commitments this year, but managed to get Armani out a few times at Petley Wood, she has qualified for Coomblands in February and we look forward to seeing her there, also excited to see how Ace progresses this next year. He is shaping up nicely as the comparative photos will show. Good idea to get photos of your horse and compare year by year or month by month. Particularly with young horses, good to see the progress! 





29th May 2018

Horse and Hound Festival of Eventing Three Day Event.

We are so pleased for Stacey and Armani, their first event of the year at Keysoe, after a lovely dressage test, clear Cross Country in the time and just one pole show jumping they came away with a fabulous 5th place. Well done , looking forward to more events to report this year!



27th April 2018

Horse Transport Network is proud to announce our first sponsored rider Stacey Page Eventing.

Stacey has been riding since she was 4 years old, and shared her first pony with her older brother and sister. She was the only one who truly caught the horse bug and couldn't imagine a life now without horses.

After a few much loved ponies her first "horse" was Aramis, he came to Stacey at the grand age of 11, when Stacey was also the same age.  Aramis was a 16hh chestnut showjumper who had been professionally schooled, and came from Spain. He was full of character and taught Stace so much, having loads of fun together doing most disciplines but mainly BSJA, an absolute legend and the pair were always in the ribbons.

As soon as Stacey left full time education she was told by her parents that she had to pay for her horse from now on, so she did and hasn't looked back.

When Aramis was a bit older Stacey bought her first project, Armani a 16.2hh unbroken bay, Irish Sport Horse from a dealer. Stacey described him when he was shipped over as a " ugly, gangly horse, with a massive head, sticky up mane and a rubbed tail, everyone on the yard laughed him" but Armani the ugly duckling has grown into a beautiful swan! He is now 15 years and going strong.

In December Stacey lost her love of her life Aramis to colic at the grand age of 33 (though no one told him he was old and until that point he had continued to have an active retired life and still up to his old tricks).

 Feeling lost with only one horse to look after Stacey brought her next horse from Ireland,  Ace is 3 years old, rising 4 and is a 16.1 Irish bay gelding. Currently doing ground work and perfect on the lunge Stacey plans to back him very soon, so we will be following her progress of her two horses. Ace starting out and Armani continuing his eventing career! Horses stay with Stacey for ever and they become part of the family.


Stacey is planning BE eventing this year with Armani, plus some unaffiliated and working towards elementary dressage tests. They are looking forward to the Horse and Hound Three Day Event in May.

 Stacey with Armani and Ace 

Stacey is lucky to have a very supportive husband and two girls, one teenager and one horsey little girl. She is currently working as a freelance groom and rider along with fitting in a handful of clients for teaching. A very busy person who absolutely loves what she does, we look forward to following her this year.











Armani and his mini groom.

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