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December Prize Draw Now Active, a chance win a Themamax Rug when you ask for a quote!

Prize Draw

December Prize Draw 2018

As promised we return to our prize draw with a chance for you to win a superb addition to your horse's wardrobe. For your chance to win a gorgeous Thermamax rug, from Maxima Equestrian, just ask for a quote throughout December and in January we may be contacting you so we can post your prize. Of course you will be able to choose your size.


Introducing our affordable, attractive, wicking Thermamax rug, made from a quilted multi-layer knit fabric, which is breathable and has excellent thermal qualities.  This makes it ideal for drying horses and ponies off after bathing, exercise or even if they get caught in the rain, as it ensures they stay warm and comfortable as they dry!  Available in two very smart colourways of purple with purple/navy binding, or navy with navy/turquoise binding, these rugs are also perfect as travel or show rugs, as well as a day rug or stable rug. They come with cross-surcingles, a fillet string, and two buckled front fastenings and are available in sizes 3' to 7'.



1st June 2018's

So summer is here, after a wet few days for just about everyone Horse Transport Network's monthly prize draw is one of it's popular saddle cloths, featuring our smart logo. For be in with a chance to win simply ask for a quote on our "Get me quotes" page. Good luck everyone , enjoy the show season!


1st May 2018

Spring is here at last and to celebrate for this month's prize draw we have joined forces again with V-Bandz to offer a superb Combi-Brite Mesh Quarter Sheet! To be in with a chance to win simply ask for a quote at "Get Me Quotes".

This lightweight sheet is a real statement piece when it comes to safety on the roads. The size of the horse's quarters means that the big expanse of colour really stands out to those approaching from behind. The two colours ensure that natural colours when out hacking, ie yellow rape fields, do not let you merge into the background. 

Do not think that you only need Hi-Viz in the winter, it is just as important on a sunny day. This lightweight sheet will not make the horse sweat up, and the fixings keep it neatly in place and stop it from flapping in the wind.

For more great Hi-Viz visit 





1st April 2018

Let's hope we have seen the last of the snow, April is here and Spring is just around the corner. To celebrate we are giving away one of our Horse Transport Network smart new saddlecloths! 

To be in with a chance to win all you need to do is ask for a quote at Get Me Quotes , not only will you receive quotes from our professional DEFRA registered horse transporters , you will be in with a chance to win a smart new saddlecloth in time for this years shows and competitions, or just simply to have a hack out in! Good luck and enjoy the Spring.




1st March 2018

March prize draw is now on! 

This month's prize is a Horse Transport Network polo shirt, great for those spring days which are soon to come, although as you can see our model was not quite so lucky!

The polo shirt is designed by GG's XC Baselayers, you can choose your own colour and size, our model is wearing Kelly Green and White, you will soon see our sponsored riders in this colour.

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is to ask for transport quote at Get Me Quotes!





























1st February 2018

February's prize draw is now on.

This month GG's XC Baselayers have designed a superb hoody sporting our new logo!  All you need to do to be in with a chance to win is to ask for a quote at Get me quotes

You can choose your own colourway and size and there are many to choose from, Adele is modelling a black and white top, great for being around those mucky horses! There are some great combinations of colours to choose from. Good luck!


















1st January 2018

January's prize draw is now on.

We are offering one lucky person the chance to win a bundle from Bailey's Horse Feeds. The bundle includes a limited edition lead rein, a pouch of tasty treats, plus a £10 feed voucher. Also this month there is a special prize of a full size "Horse Transport Network" saddle cloth, kindly donated by GG's base layers.

To be in with a chance to win, simply ask for your horse transport quote through the website.


Bailey's experts offer some excellent travel advice for feeding


Travelling can take it out of a horse, especially those who find the experience stressful. It's important , therefore to reduce the chances of it becoming stressful as well as the effects of the journey itself. Try sticking to your horses' normal routine, including mealtimes, as much as possible before a journey and try to ensure that a minimum of an hour or so has passed since their last feed before travelling.

Maintaining fibre intake is important for gut health, so even ponies who are "on a diet" should be allowed access to a haynet on the journey. Feeding soaked hay or haylage will provide additional moisture and play some part in helping keep the pony hydrated too as well as keeping dust levels to a minimum in the confined space of box or trailer.

Indeed, dehydration can be a big problem on longer journeys so offer drinking water as frequently as possible. Electrolytes in water or a soaked feed, such as Keep Calm or Speedi-Beet given before or after will help rehydration as long as plenty of fresh drinking water is offered too.

Horses that find travelling and competing stressful may lose valuable hindgut bacteria as they pass droppings more frequently. Giving a prebiotic supplement before, on the day of and after a journey or competition, will support the beneficial gut bacteria and help their numbers recover.

At the end of a long journey, or day competing your pony still needs essential nutrients to aid his recovery from the exertions of the day. Even if you wish to cut back his calorie intake in anticipation of a couple of quiet days, feed a balancer to provide quality protein for tissue repair, as well as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to replenish reserves and support recovery.

1st January 2018

Congratulations to Rachel Dye who is our first prize draw winner for December!

1st December 2017

December's prize draw is now on!


V-Bandz have kindly sponsored the December draw for Horse Transport Network. To claim your prize please reply to the confirmation email you receive when you ask for a quote and name the horse transporter you have booked.

The lucky winner will receive a Combi-Brite Mesh Quarter Sheet! 

This lightweight sheet is a real statement piece when it comes to safety on the roads. Apart from something on the riders body a rug is the most important item of safety that can be used on the roads. The size of the horse's quarters means that this big expanse of colour really stands out to the road users coming up to you from behind.

The mesh sheet can be used all year round even in the height of summer. It will not make the horse sweat up. It attaches to the saddle and the girth which means it cannot slip backwards or twist in use. The filet string and elastic under the tail flap means it cannot blow around even in a strong wind.

Combining the high viz colour has proved very popular with riders as it gives you the maximum opportunity to stand out against different backgrounds at all times of year.

For more amazing horse and dog hi-viz products visit .

To enter this months draw simply ask for a quote at "Get Me Quotes" and when you have booked your transporter reply to your confirmation email with the name of the transporter you have booked.


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