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December Prize Draw Now Active, a chance win a Themamax Rug when you ask for a quote!

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10th October 2018

Check out our new look website,  upgraded colours and mobile friendly. Easier to use, plus new transporters joining each month, take a look at our transporter list and don't forget that you can reach them all when you ask for a quote on our Get quotes page!


26th August 2018

Check out our Transporter Diary, new venture from one of our trusted transporters.

10th July 2018

Our monthly prize draw will be returning in the winter, with an extra special prize for December, watch this space!

9th June 2018

Congratulations to Rosie Chinery for winning this months prize draw . A V-bandz combi-brite mesh sheet will be making it's way to you very soon, helping keep you and your horse safer on the roads this summer!

2nd May 2018

Congratulations to Louise Daly who is this month's prize draw winner and wins a Horse Transport Network saddle cloth, which will be making it's way to you soon! 

13th April 2018

Congratulations to March prize prize draw winner Lynsey Brotherton who has a Horse Transport Network Kelly Green polo top making it's way to you!



31st March 2018

Warning to those transporting horses.

This applies to those of you who transport professionally or privately. Two very recent reports have been sent to us, one from one of our transporters. When travelling on the motorway, one lady was called on her mobile (lorry had number posted on the side) the other was approached in slow traffic at the side window. Both were told the back door of the lorry was open. Luckily both checked with other drivers and on board camera and realised this was a scam to get them to pull over.

Please be aware and do not assume you are being told the truth, be very careful, no doubt the stories will change, and they will come up with other excuses to get you to pull over. Stay safe everyone it is sad that we have to be aware of such scams.


1st March 2018

Congratulations to Suzanne Carr who is our February prize draw winner and a navy and blue Horse Transport Network hoody will soon be on it's way to you! 


1st February 2018

Congratulations to Denise Burkinshaw who is our January prize draw Winner!


11th January 2018


Rachel Dye is thrilled to win the Prize Draw for December, here is "Tubs" because he is a bit tubby, also known as "Eye Eye Captain" modelling his new prize. Tubs is a super bold jumper and Rachel has owned him since last spring, unfortunately he is now in recovery from a suspensory ligament injury and is having to do lots of walk work on the lanes, so Rachel is so pleased with the prize from V-Bandz to help keep Tubs seen and safe.

Rachel and her husband both ride and won the prize from using A.S. Equestrian to fetch their new addition Jackson from Wales. Rachel was thrilled with the service and the quotes that came through the website.

Jackson looking relaxed in his new home.


8th January 2018

For those of you eagle eyed among you, I expect you have noticed Horse Transport Network's new logo. Kindly designed by Ian Scaife and edited into a suitable format by Jeanius! Something new and fresh for 2018, look out for next months prize draw to celebrate! 


1st January 2018

Congratulations to Rachel Dye, who is our very first monthly Prize Draw winner!


6th December 2017

Available Training for Advanced Certificate in Equine Transport

Loc Limited International Transport (one of our listed transporters) offer training for the ACET certificate.  Since January 2007 a new EU regulation came into force for the safety and welfare of horses being transported. If you transport horses in connection with an economic activity whether it be for competition, racing or breeding you should have your ACET certificate.

The regulations are to make animal transporter aware that whilst under their care no harm or injury comes to the animals whilst being transported, to make sure the animals are fit to travel and food and water is available during transportation. it also ensures that those transporting animals are correctly trained , are competent and that the vehicle they use is maintained to a high standard.

If you transport horses over approximately 40 miles , or are driving for up to 8 hours the transporter must hold a ACET certificate.

The certificate is split into three units.

Unit 1 Transportation of horses during long journeys, the candidate needs to show knowledge and understanding of the animal welfare legislation, for more information go to . They need to know about horse health, food, rest and water, about loading and unloading, how to plan a journey exceeding 8 hours, health and safety regulations and ability to identify and minimise risks. Also about the vehicle horses are to travel in about the compartments, the use of fittings and partitions, vehicle preparation and cleanliness.

Unit 2 is about handling the horses for transportation the unit comprises of the demonstration of practical performance in loading, securing and unloading horses.



Unit 3 is driving the vehicle, the candidate needs to demonstrate the practical performance in driving the vehicle transporting horses.

If you would like to gain your ACET certificate please contact Loc




Pegasus Magazine Article

3rd December 2017

Pegasus Magazine have published our latest press release, thank you Pegasus for helping to support the legal horse transporters.






December's prize draw is now on

2nd December 2017

V-Bandz have kindly sponsored the December draw for Horse Transport Network. To claim your prize please reply to the confirmation email you receive when you ask for a quote and name the horse transporter you have booked.

The lucky winner will receive a Combi-Brite Mesh Quarter Sheet! 

This lightweight sheet is a real statement piece when it comes to safety on the roads. Apart from something on the riders body a rug is the most important item of safety that can be used on the roads. The size of the horse's quarters means that this big expanse of colour really stands out to the road users coming up to you from behind.

The mesh sheet can be used all year round even in the height of summer. It will not make the horse sweat up. It attaches to the saddle and the girth which means it cannot slip backwards or twist in use. The filet string and elastic under the tail flap means it cannot blow around even in a strong wind.

Combining the high viz colour has proved very popular with riders as it gives you the maximum opportunity to stand out against different backgrounds at all times of year.

For more amazing horse and dog hi-viz products visit .

To enter this months draw simply ask for a quote at "Get Me Quotes" and when you have booked your transporter reply to your confirmation email with the name of the transporter you have booked.


Alan Boswell

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