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Hay Net - The Horse Transport Network

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  1. Use correct travel boots or bandages whenever possible, make sure they correctly fit your horse and that he/she is confident wearing them. Maybe try before travelling and allow your horse to become accustomed to wearing them.
  2. A leather head collar is preferable as these will break under pressure, also a poll guard to protect the very vulnerable area on the horse’s head.
  3. Do not overdress your horse, and make sure the area is well ventilated for travelling. It is preferable to have a cool horse than one that is overheated.
  4. Make sure there is plenty of hay for the journey and that water is offered at regular intervals. It is preferable to soak hay, or use haylage if your horse is used to it, as a dusty environment is not good.
  5. On long journey’s over 3 hours, pull over and untie your horse so he/she can lower his head, helping decrease the risk of pneumonia or shipping fever.
  6. Make sure you have a plentiful supply of water, there may be delays on your journey and your horse’s welfare is paramount.
  7. If the journey is likely to be hot, then leave as early or late as possible when the day is cooler and traffic is quieter. Climate control is available in many boxes, but remember this is dependent on the horsebox, and there is always a possibility of breakdown.
  8. Take out emergency breakdown cover to include recovery of horse if needed. There are several excellent companies available now who provide this cover for very little cost. Keep the details in your vehicle!
  9. Check out local veterinary practices along your route and make a note of their numbers, remember you may not have easy internet access on your phone depending on your location.
  10. Always carry your horse’s passport, it is illegal to transport your horse without one.
  11. Make sure your transport is regularly serviced and maintained. Keep clean, and on long journeys clean out whenever possible.
  12. Plan frequent rest breaks to offer water, speak to your vet if you have any doubts about the length of journey you plan to undertake. Or if you are unsure your equine is not physically up to a particularly long journey take advice.
  13. Above all stay calm if any problem should arise, even with the best care taken things can go wrong. Have a plan in place just in case.

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