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Equine Bio Genie understand the challenges that the Equine sector faces, the pathogenic landscape has a lot of moving parts. We are the only equine bio security company of its kind, offering unique Products and a Service, focussing on the health of your horses environment.

We supply the Equine Sector with the latest medical & veterinary grade products to combat all equine bacteria & viruses (such as Ringworm, Strangles, EHV1 and fungi – Aspergillus) while having ZERO environmental impact.

Our aim is to reduce the pathogenic load in the horses environment.

Our company has transformed the Biosecurity provision to the Equine Industry in the U.K. from high level racing yards, stud farms, eventing, competition yards and large scale Equine events.

We have utilised the latest biocidal technology, initially developed in the rigorous healthcare sector and made to a Medical grade standard. Through extensive testing at the IEC (Irish Equine Centre) for specific equine pathogens, and using an equine serum as interfering agent (the only Equine Specific Disinfectant on the market), we have a market leading and proven product that meets all the most stringent of requirements set out by the FEI and beyond.

The product - has the following unique benefits, not able to be claimed by any other disinfectant, 4 of the most relevant to Horse Transporters would be the top 4 (highlighted in green font) :

  1. NON Corrosive – over time it will not eat away at your horsebox
  2. Effective in Dirty Conditions – Effective in the presence of organic matter (very rare) EN14675
  3. Leave in place – you do not need to wash off after application
  4. Safe around horses bedding, hay and water
  5. ORGANIC Compliant
  6. Leaves no chemical residue as degrades to water and oxygen
  7. 100% bio-degradable, non-corrosive, non-toxic and can be released into the local water source.
  8. Efficacy tested at the Irish Equine Centre using an ‘equine serum’ as interfering agent.
  9. For use in veterinary care facilities and animal husbandry EN1656 / EN1657
  10. Made to a medical grade standard : ISO 13485
  11. Contains Ionic Silver chemistry and H202.
  12. NO microbial resistance – kills all pathogens!
  13. DEFRA approval
  14. Odourless and Tasteless

Regarding the disinfectant products they are all on our website ( ), we have a concentrate form and a ready to use, which is very handy when travelling and staying in temporary stables. We also have an amazing product to combat Thrush that can be used daily as a preventative or as a cure. There is also our Water Treatment product and there is a lot of information regarding that on our website, .

Common ‘old hat’ Disinfectants - The most common type of disinfectant falls within the category of QUATS – Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, and the most common which is (Benzalkonium Chloride) not only ineffective against gram negative bacteria, but some bacteria will thrive in the presence, such as pseudomonas.

The dangers associated with these disinfectants;

  1. Dangerous to the environment (on the back of a popular disinfectant there is a broken tree and an upside-down dead fish, which simply means do not release into the environment – all equine facilities sweep products into drains)
  2. Not equine specific – Not tested on equine pathogens – it’s the same product that is under your sink at home!
  3. There are pathogens (bugs and germs) that will be resistant to these products
  4. Corrosive
  5. Out of date technology
  6. High levels of toxicity (Trialled on Rats who have bled through the nose – not something you want around horses that are expected to operate at such a high level, humans or any animal)
  7. Proven to cause Organ damage and persistent bio accumulative toxicity
  8. Not suitable in enclosed spaces – stables or horse transport!
  9. Not effective in the presence of organic matter (horse poo)
  10. They are not eco friendly
  11. Cause skin irritation to humans and horses – such as dermatitis

EBG Service

We offer a 360 degree disinfecting service to cover; AIR – SURFACE – WATER. We use high pressured vapour machines that spread the product thoroughly, even reaching to the ceiling, hence being able to treat the Air.

How we work

  1. We work in teams of two, one leads out while the other sterilises the stable
  2. Each stable takes around 2/3 minutes to treat
  3. The horse can safely go back into the stable immediately after being treated
  4. Our product is “leave in place” so we do not rinse off after treating
  5. All bedding can stay down, hay can be sprayed as can water/water buckets
  6. We charge £10 per stable on a sliding scale

We service the majority of our clients on a monthly basis, however we can come as often or as little as our clients require.

Disease outbreak in an Equine Facility

In terms of Servicing a yard with an outbreak we would alter the concentration of the product – we are able to do a ‘commercial high impact’ solution (the disinfectant on the shelf will give you an every day retail strength grade product). We recommend everywhere to be treated, including the water sources – troughs, electric feeders etc. Every yard set-up is different and hence the environment varies, which means different diseases can have a different life spam in different environments.

At the IEC they tested our product against Equine specific pathogens with a contact time from 1 min to 1 hr with different strengths/concentrations. Hence why we can alter the concentration of our product, the results are directly reported to the conditions.

Case study – We have recently treated one of the largest Equine hospitals in the UK, they contacted us as were unable to use 6 of their 40 stables due to the stables testing positive for Ecoli and MRSA. The hospital was constantly disinfecting with a well known equine disinfectant that was not killing the pathogens. We have recently had the reports back from the hospital and the swabs have come back clear! Defra general orders pass re dilution rate is 10:1 which is why people have these persistent problems – The disinfectant is ineffective.

Where can YOU use our disinfectant?

  1. Stable environment – Concentrate dilute 10:1
  2. Soaking equipment – sponges, brushes, sweat scrapers – Concentrate dilute 25:1
  3. Horse Transport and walkers – Concentrate dilute 10:1
  4. Dipping bridles, Girths – concentrate dilute 10:1
  5. Tack room surfaces – Concentrate dilute 10:1
  6. With a horse that has Ringworm you can dilute 200ml of product and top with water (usual size water bucket would be approx 15 litres)
  7. Your washing machine – add a cup full of our product to the wash – concentrate dilute 100ml in a cup of water

How can YOU administer the disinfectant; Our product will go through any fogging/vapour machine or you can simply use a nap-sack or garden pump spray.

I know this is a lot of information to digest, myself or Ben are always available to chat. I have also attached above the reports from the IEC and some information on the efficacy.

Our ‘Ready to Use’ Disinfectant would be perfect for Horse Transporters to use ‘on the road’.




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